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Re-growing the hair of 1 million women


HHP is a California non-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under the 501 (c) (3) tax code of the Internal Revenue Service. SECA IRS letter of determination letter is available. HHP is a program that is functional through the SECA foundation.

About Us




HHP exist to fight the chemical effects of hair loss by creating safer technologies through Green Science.

We want to share the benefits of our scientific research with individuals, communities and salons to re-condition the mindset from damaging hair practices that result in an unhealthy hair environment. Combating generational misinformation, poor education, poor research, antiquated salon chemicals and practices is a challenging task, but those issues can be solved with a wealth of fresh research and workshops for cosmetologists, doctors, dermatologist, and tricologists (hair and scalp experts). 

HHP serves as a platform that insures Afro-curly hair science will be taught from a perspective that UPLIFTS and not DESTROY it's special distinctive quality. As a non-profit organization HHP is able to realize it's mission through in-kind giving from institutions, sponsors, and individuals. With your support our educational programs can expose Green Sciences that have been cultivated for ethnic hair care. 

  1. BE THE SOLUTION-Stop destructive hair practices

  2. Educate yourself about the beautiful nature of your hair.

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