A Little Bit More About Us

The first Hair Church seminar introduced the Maximus Sol'ution hair product line in 2010. It took a lot of detail and devotion of "The Flock". The turn out was reaffirming, but not surprising given the state of affairs in our Afro curly hair culture. Great food, great spirit and the eagerness to absorb a new concept was present. 

Hair Church 

Beautiful Afro Curly Hair

The launch and success of Hair Church has encouraged us to continue on our quest to save the soul of our ingeniously structured Afro curly hair texture. Afro curly  hair displays the evidence of how connected we are as the first inhabitants of a sub-Saharan climate and how resilient we are as a people. We must use our hair as a tool to remind the world of our power by reclaiming it's beauty.

  • Bob Marley - Redemption Song (from the legend album, with lyrics)3:49


Natural Hair Care: Break the Shackles

When you apply the knowledge, you will be delivered from the bondage and expense of purchasing hair that is not your own. You will then be able to focus on putting the attention into the hair that grows out of your scalp and will only consider adorning hair enhancements out of a want and not a need. You can take back what has been giving away for FAR TOO LONG.

Once we begin living up to our own beauty standards, we WILL command and reclaim ownership of our beauty industry. The present beauty commanders are only interested us getting the money out of our wallets. They do not care about what we think, how we feel, or what's best for us...they never did.

Our guest speaker Dr. Cheryl Morrow who is a certified Tricologist (expert of hair and scalp) lectured the "congregation". She delivered sound expert information about the science of curly hair; reaching the hearts, minds, and common sense of hopeful Sisters who needed answer or were struggling to find a solution for a variety of curly hair issues.