After many years of wearing weaves if I was going to continue wearing hair enhancements (which I no longer do), I had to find another way. The continual stress of braiding and sewing in the same areas resulted in the thinning of my hair due to follicle stress (Traction Alopecia) and I wasn't going out like that. 

When using microlinks, hair is more at rest and protected. This technique minimizes stressing out the hair follicle, because the tension that is applied is controlled. Excessive tightening of the links at the base of the scalp in order for the strands to be secure is not required. 

Hair naturally sheds and that is the only hair loss you will experience, because your natural hair is cold-fused with the links for some time and is at rest for the most part rest. The links moving down is an indication of hair growth. You will also see growth when you take the links out, but you will not see hair loss!  


Everyone is not a candidate for this procedure and as much as I would like your business I have unfortunately turned down clients whose hair was not healthy enough for this extension technique.

If your hair is:

  • Breaking

  • Extremely damaged

  • Over processed

  • Very thin hair

  • Shorter than medium length