Hair Church Frequently Asked Questions


    * Comb-ility - Alkaline Mineral Softener (organic softener)

    * Millennium Curl - Permanent Curl Enhancer (mineral curl cream)​​

    * Anti-Dissolve - Low pH relaxer (98% organic, low corrosion)

    Protective care, styling & moisture maintenance

    * Hair Guardian - Enzyme Re-constructor (cuticle simulator)

    * Tru-Neutra C-7 - Shampoo (pH correction after processes)

    * 3-In-One - Moisture Balance (conditioner, leave-in, styling cream)

    * Lotion Potion-Blow Dry Hydrator (protective heat styling)​

    * Hydro-Lock-Water Soluble Oil (daily moisture maintenance)​

    * Eco-Hold - Wet & Dry Setting Lotion (non-aerosol holding cream)

    * Serum Mist - Glossing Serum ​(high shine, frizz control)

    F A Q

    What are the hair care products in the Maximus Sol'ution products line?

    ​​​​How is COMB-ILITY different from other hair processes?

    COMB-ILITY contains no caustic or harsh chemicals. Most hair relaxers contain sodium hydroxide (lye), calcium hydroxide, or lithium hydroxide. These chemicals break the bonds in your hair and erode your cuticle. To see this, leave a piece of your hair in any sodium hydroxide relaxer for 48 will dissolve completely!

    If COMB-ILITY doesn't break the bonds in the hair, how does it smooth the curl?
    The formula raises the alkalinity (pH) of the hair causing it to soften; thus making it more manageable.

    Are MAXIMUS SOL'UTION products 100% corrosive free?
    The  products indicated Eco-organic are 100% corrosion-free.  The inactive ingredient in the ANTI-DISSOLVE relaxer formula and the deep conditioning ingredients in HAIR GUARDIAN are 98% organic. HAIR GUARDIAN is a food grade cuticle filler with emulsifiers added for a smooth application.The remaining active ingredient in ANTI-DISSOLVE  relaxer formula contains the less corrosive straightening ingredient called "guanidine".    

    How is MILLENNIUM CURL different from Wave Nouveau, Rio, Copa, California Curl or Jheri Curl?
    Those products were on the acid side of the pH meter. Acidic formulas have been shown to cause tightly curled hair to become dry and hard which is why the activator sprays were a necessity in preventing the curls from drying out and breaking.

    What ingredients are in COMB-ILITY?
    COMB-ILITY is made with mineral salt, vitamins, amino acids, essential oils, emulsifiers, and water.

    Can I switch from a chemical hair straightener to COMB-ILITY? 
    Yes, it is compatible with other products.

    Can the COMB-ILITY be used on color treated hair?
    ​Yes, is compatible with hair coloring products, but those with metallic salts, peroxide or heavy coating agents such as Henna or Bigen are not suggested due to the unpredictable coloring results and drying effect on Afro-curly hair textures.

    Can it be used for all hair textures?

    Will COMB-ILITY make my hair straight?
    COMB-ILITY is thermogenic (heat activated). Hair will be softer and highly manageable. You can achieve a straighter look when flat-ironed after rinsing and drying. Depending on hair type application time will be 15-20 minutes will often for slightly coarse textures; 20-25 minutes for medium coarse; and 30 to 45 minutes for very coarse textures. Use a good quality dryer on med/high heat.

    Can I apply COMB-ILITY over my previously relaxed or permed hair?
    Only apply to new growth to prevent over processing.

    After using ANTI-DISSOLVE can I go back to using lye relaxers?
    Yes, but keep in mind our 98% chemical-free relaxer is less corrosive and will maintain the resiliency and integrity of the cuticle.

    Will the hair softening process of COMB-ILITY "wear off"?
    ​No, the process is permanent.

    Will my hair revert (frizz) in humid weather?
    If you are consistent with using the maintenance products in the line it will increase hair's moisture level to prevent hair from frizzing.

    Will I still have to press my hair after applying COMB-ILITY?
    Yes, if a straight style is your preference. 

    My hair is thick and coarse, will I need to use more than one jar?
    A 16 oz. container is sufficient enough for 3-5 applications depending on the hair length.

    How often should I reapply COMB-ILITY or ANTI-DISSOLVE?
    ​Depending on how soon you want to touch-up your new growth (6-10 weeks) for ANTI-DISSOLVE. Touch-up vary for COMB-ILITY is optional (3-6 months).

    Will the MAXIMUS SOL'UTION products make my hair grow?
    The rate of hair growth is determined primarily by heredity, health, and the condition of the hair and scalp. However, because the processes in the hair product line increases the integrity of hair, supports a proper pH environment, and does not reduce the size of the hair cuticle diameter or break its bond. Unless there is a medical condition which can effect hair growth the factors which are mentioned  promote a healthy growing environment for the hair and scalp.  Hair will thrive in moisture and pH balanced environment.

    Why does my hair still have Afro-curly texture after using COMB-ILITY?
    The bonds in the hair are not broken, so your hair retains its genetic memory. However, the layers of your hair have been softened and will become silky straight when heat is applied.

    Why do some of the processes have a stronger scent if it is all natural?
    ​The amino acids, alkaline minerals, and protein mixed with vegetable oils create an intense compound  that softens, reconstructs and seals the hair shaft. The focus is not to convince the consumer that a perfume laden product must work just because smells good.

    Why isn't the  product line sold in stores?
    Trust, we are working on it,but we are extremely selective to whom we wholesale our special products to. Our distribution primarily focuses on green salons and independent distributors who understand our mission. 

    Will my hair be damaged if I over lap my previously chemically relaxed hair?
    ​When using ANTI-DISSOLVE apply HAIR GUARDIAN- Enzyme Re-constructor or a petroleum based product to previously processed hair to ensure a successful result.

    Do I need to smooth or comb through any of the processes when I apply it?
    Smoothing is recommended to ensure even distribution during the application process, but we do not recommend combing, because you could irritate the scalp and promote hair breakage.