The process of creating the individual strands; once I have receive the hair the next step will be prepping the strands. We can schedule an appointment date at that time.

Prior to Service

Prepping YOUR hair prior to installation whether retouching with ANTI-DISSOLVE-Low pH Relaxer or COMB-ILITY-Hair Softener is only necessary for sections of the hair that is exposed i.e., nape, temples, crown. You'll probably be due for a retouch in 6-8 weeks depending how long you wait on average. The few rows of hair in the back that is not exposed "performs" better with a little new growth. The thickness helps with coverage for thin and finer hair textures. 



Service is ($150 half head, $225 full head). This technique extends the time (2 months) in which you can wear the extensions before having to do a complete re-installation.

Complete Re-installation

Removal of links on the entire head is recommended when the links are removed in abouth the 3rd or 4th month to avoid matting.

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Shedding and Strand Loss

Of all my clients, two to three have complained about shedding and losing extensions. This troubles me when I hear it, because those clients are not following the basic maintenance instructions. (In their does behave as if the hair is coming out of the scalp). Therefore, some might disregard the care instructions that is given and continue to maintain the extensions as they see fit. 

Shedding should not be an issue if the care instructions are followed. Due to basic wear and tear-over time the tips of the strands do lose adhesion which can be attributed to a little shedding, but it's nothing severe as to effect the look of the extensions. Losing two to three strands throughout the three to four months are possible prior to the next installation service.


(Servicing NY, NJ, CT)