*Special  Note on Conditioning

At times I make the suggestion to use a leave-in conditioner instead of using a conditioner that has to be rinsed out. Finer hair textures get very soft while using a conditioner which can contribute to the extension sliding out prematurely.


To prevent drying and breakage, do take the time to moisturize your hair and scalp with a light moisturizing hair product. Use products that are designed to penetrate the cuticle layer and not cause build-up. 


Products DO NOT moisturize hair; water is the only element that increases hydration. Quality products contain molecules that can combine with water help to lock in the water (hydrogen) molecules.

Sincere Product Plug : ) 

HYDRO-LOCK-Water Soluble Oil Cream (see SHOP) is a soy based cream whose molecules are small enough to penetrate DEEP into the cuticle layer of hair. I highly recommend using  the Maximus Sol'ution product line for your hair extension maintenance. The products are environmentally friendly and made of ingredients from only natural and plant sources. It's a very special brand which has been the best hair maintenance line I've ever used. It does exactly what is says it will do.



Shampoo hair and strands to desired cleanliness, but do it gently! Clean the scalp using your fingertips (not nails) to stimulate scalp. Rubbing, grabbing and bunching up the hair isn't required, it will  only lead to tangles. Allow the run-off from the shampoo to remove build-up. The less manipulation-the better. Apply 3-In-One -Moisture Balance Conditioner after towel drying, gently comb out wet hair from the bottom up with the EZE Tease comb (see SHOP).

For straight hair Afro curly hair

Use a paddle brush if wrapping after combing, secure wrapped hair using a hair net to let dry overnight or use a hair dryer if  styling the same day). Once dry unwrap, brush,  straighten, and style. If using a flat iron be careful not to make direct contact with the links.

For curly and kinky textures

Apply 3-IN-ONE Moisture Balance Conditioner generously to WET hair. Brush from the bottom up until  detangled. DO NOT rinse out and style as desired.