Blow drying the microlink extensions with intense heat is a super, mega, double, triple absolute NO-NO!! It compromises the pre-tipped bond at the top of the hair extension strand. The more rely on blow-drying straighten your hair and your strands; the sooner you will be scheduling an appointment to come see me complaining about shedding and strand loss. I can tell if you have been using a blow-dryer. If you're in a hurry and must dry immediately, blow dry on a cooler setting then straighten using a temperature controlled flat iron. 

Use a spiked brush (Denman) and brush in sections if  more detangling is needed. Use a fine tooth comb (Rat Tail) to smooth, blend and define your desired style. Be mindful of digging into the hair or brushing too vigorously. The styling tool will snag on the links and could contribute to strands becoming loose. At your leisure, every week or so, comb out the individual extensions to avoid your natural hair and strands from getting tangled. Rested hair will grow like weeds and will start to intertwine in a heartbeat. Comb gently from the BOTTOM UP. Do not tug, pull or dig into it. It feels and looks natural, but remember it's not growing out of your scalp...so be easy.