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Eco-organic and 98% chemical-free 

  • Less corrosive relaxer formula  

  • Contains an organic mineral formula 

  • Will not burn or damage the scalp (when used as directed)

  • Greatly minimizes over-processing  

  • Mineral curl and softening products can be used over semi-permanent color 

  • Relaxer can be used over and in place of traditional sodium, calcium or lithium hydroxide relaxers

  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids 

  • Leaves hair with texture, fullness and elasticity 

  • Adds body and sheen  

  • Greatly improves manageable 

  • Contains enzymes to balance pH levels 


Purified alkaline water 

-softens and penetrates hair shaft

100% natural soda ash & minerals 

-raises the pH of water to soften the internal bonds of hair

100% natural citric 

-curls and helps hair maintain texture and elasticity

Emulsifying wax, Cetyl, & Mineral oil 

-non toxic, non-chemical oils used as a base to maintain product consistency


-makes the product smooth and thick

Propyl paraben (plant based)

-prevents formation of bacteria in products

100% natural protein powder

-fills broken cuticles to strengthen hair 

Liquid protein, fruit vegetable, soy bean oil 

-adds vitamins, moisturizes, conditions, and sheen 

Light fragrance-makes the smell more appealing