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MAXIMUS SOL'UTION™ (MS) products are primarily designed to address the needs of Afro-curly hair types. Whether hair is chemically straightened or in it's virgin state, our products are formulated to protect, effectively moisturize, increase manageability, soften, permanently curl, or permanently straighten using environmentally safe and corrosive-free formulations. The formulas for the treatment of unprocessed hair, COMB-ILITY (Mineral Softener) and MILLENNIUM CURL (Curl Enhancer)

is better known as calcium and sodium carbonate, carbonated soda, or soda ash. Lithium and guanidine is the active component in ANTI-DISSOLVE (low pH relaxer) is a milder straightening additive. 

​None of the processes contain highly corrosive or hair damaging chemicals. The innovative technology in MS is designed without the use of harsh lye based products. MS offers a healthier alternative and does not dissolve cuticle bonds unlike lye based relaxers. This line allows the hair to maintain hair's healthy cuticle structure.

The active ingredient in MAXIMUS SOL'UTION permanent curl creme (MILLENNIUM CURL) and softening cream (COMB-ILITY) is alkaline minerals. Alkaline minerals penetrate the hair without destroying the outer layer (cuticle) and permanently softens the bonds inside the hair without breaking them. Softening the bonds of hair will results in the curl pattern becoming more manageable when combing and styling. 

Hair which has more texture, elasticity, that is fortified with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, restored to its pH balance, and is in a consistently moisturized state is better able to withstand the stress of styling and heat appliances. A healthy hair environment is created for the growth of longer and stronger hair.


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